Viliana Dimitrova

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Viliana Dimitrova was born on October 15, 1998, in Varna.

As a child, Viliana joined the sailing team of the "Capt. Georgi Georgiev" Yacht Club in Varna and later became part of the national team of the Bulgarian Sailing Federation.

In her free time, if she is not at sea, you can find her at the quay in Varna.

She has also trained in various dance styles, including artistic gymnastics, modern ballet, salsa, and Bulgarian folk dances for many years. She loves to draw, and her new passion is aerial acrobatics.

During her high school years, she attended two acting schools - the "MAX" Studio of Valentin Mitev and the theatrical school of Nikolay Kenarov.

In 2017, she applied to the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) and was accepted into the class of Prof. Bonio Lungov. She graduated with performances in "Prikazki za Hitar Petar" directed by Prof. B. Lungov and "Boy and Wind" directed by Todor Valov.

In 2021, Viliana became a member of the troupe of the Drama-Puppet Theater "Vasil Drumev" in Shumen.

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