Poster - Is There an Author in the Audience?

Is There an Author in the Audience?

For seven long years, humanity has been fighting another global pandemic. Three women sign up for the first announced casting after the mass closure of cultural and theater institutions, onwhich appear without text. Missing the essential component that drives a performance doesn't seem so frightening, but it can actually lead to a number of problems, including existential crises, blurred boundaries between imagination and reality, and split personality.

All these cathartic moments in the lives of the three strangers happen only for one reason: there is no author.

Jean-Pierre Martinez's ‘Is there an author in the audience?’ aims to make sense of a hypothetical period of our existence. To peek behind the curtain of ‘What if it happened like this?’. To explore the human desire to be playful. To trace the limits of solitude. The deep themes interwoven in the text are presentedthrough the extremely light and biting pen of the French playwright who has dominated the world's comedy scenes in recent years.

Small StageComing Soon 90 min

Author: Jean-Pierre Martinez
Director: Iliq Videlinov
Composer /music/: Dobromir Kisiov