Poster - Hospital at the End of the World

Hospital at the End of the World

The main conflict in the play is the clash between reality and fantasy. What is real, and what is just a part of our distorted and deformed self-esteem? Where is the truth, in the world that surrounds us or in our own consciousness? Where does the dream end and the fear creep in? These are just a small part of the questions that the future performance will explore.

In Boychev's magical realism, dreams blur into reality, and reality blends into dreams; everything is interconnected. The play 'Hospital at the End of the World' is a text about the common man and his aspiration towards the stars. It's a tale about the weakness in the living, told with much love and faith.

Main StageComing Soon 140 min

Author: Hristo Boichev
Director: Damian Tenev
Scenographer: Radostina Teneva
Composer /music/: Damian Tenev