Hospital at the End of the World

The main conflict in the play is the clash between reality and fantasy. What is real, and what is just a part of our distorted and deformed self-esteem? Where is the truth, in the world that surrounds us or in our own consciousness? Where does the dream end and the fear creep in? These are just a small part of the questions that the future performance will explore.

In Boychev's magical realism, dreams blur into reality, and reality blends into dreams; everything is interconnected. The play 'Hospital at the End of the World' is a text about the common man and his aspiration towards the stars. It's a tale about the weakness in the living, told with much love and faith.

Main StageComing Soon 140 min

Author: Hristo Boichev
Director: Damian Tenev
Scenographer: Radostina Teneva
Composer /music/: Damian Tenev
Photo - Dimitriya Milusheva
Dimitriya Milusheva
Photo - Kolyo Staykov
Kolyo Staykov
Photo - Viliana Dimitrova
Viliana Dimitrova
Photo - Svetlin Ivanov
Svetlin Ivanov
Photo - Alexandra Mihailova
Alexandra Mihailova
Photo - Yanislava Linkova
Yanislava Linkova
Photo - Plamen Dragomirov Petkov
Plamen Dragomirov Petkov