Poster - The Wishing Fountain

The Wishing Fountain

Is it necessary to have a pot of gold to fulfill our dreams, or is it enough to believe strongly?

This is Tim's story. An orphan without a home or parents, he works in the square during the day and tosses a coin into the Wishing Fountain at night, which comes to life and tells him different tales.

As he helps the characters and becomes part of their stories, we witness Tim's transformation.

Will Tim find answers to his questions and fulfill his dreams?

Come along, and let's find out together!

Children StageComing Soon 60 min

This is an exciting story about the choices we make and growing up, designed for our youngest viewers…

Author: Tezdjan Ferrad
Director: Tezdjan Ferrad
Scenographer: Elena Markariyan
Composer /music/: Tezdjan Ferrad