Poster - Circus Maestro

Circus Maestro

Circus Maestro is a show spectacle featuring soap bubbles in the realm of classical clowning. The action takes place in Mr. Maestro's circus, with his assistant Ernesto by his side.

The humble and naive circus team presents their captivating show to the audience once again. Maestro and his expertise in the field showcase professionalism and breathtaking attractions, while Ernesto is responsible for the technical aspects of the show.

They form an exceptional duo. Just like a soap bubble, a perfect structure made of water and soap that cannot be broken, the bond between our characters is strong and mutual. Giant bubbles, smoke-filled bubbles, fire bubbles, and other attractions are part of the acts that Maestro masters excellently, while Ernesto still has much to learn.

Saturday, 22.06.2024 - 11:00 Children Stage Saturday, 22.06.2024 - 11:00 40 min Remaining Seats: 60

Author: Kolle Kitanov
Director: Kolle Kitanov
Scenographer: Aleksandra Yotovska