Poster - Adventures in the End of Winter

Adventures in the End of Winter

Is the Winter bad or are all seasons beautiful in their own way?

Can sausages fly? And what about the cakes?

In fairy tales, anything is possible. Miracles actually do happen.

We invite you to a beautiful story about friendship between a girl and a cat. Yvonne is a kind and smart child who waits for Spring with great impatience. Until one day she meets the cat Alexander, who needs her help. They face the challenges of the Winter Fairy in the Enchanted Forest as well as the Mysterious Quiet Lake. Will the two of them be able to break Grandma Snow's magic and resist the temptations? You will find out in this wonderful, funny and beautiful story.

Come and immerse yourself in the fairy tale world of ‘Adventures in the End of Winter’, and who knows, you might like it. As we said at the beginning: In fairy tales, anything is possible.

Saturday, 08.06.2024 - 11:00 Children Stage Saturday, 08.06.2024 - 11:00 40 min Remaining Seats: 60

Author: Tezdjan Ferrad
Director: Tezdjan Ferrad