The Three Brothers and the Golden Apple

The fairy tale "The Three Brothers and the Golden Apple" takes us into a world where anything is possible. It shows us how we should overcome our fears in the name of love, rather than for the sake of wealth. Join us to witness the trials that Matvey goes through to save his beloved.

Saturday, 16.03.2024 - 11:00 Children Stage Saturday, 16.03.2024 - 11:00 45 min Remaining Seats: 58

Only the youngest of the brothers embarks on the long journey after the ogre thief to retrieve his golden apple.

Director: Daniela Hristova
Scenographer: Hristina Stoilova
Composer /music/: Vladimir Djambazov
Dramatization: Miroslav Stoyilov
Photo - Viliana Dimitrova
Viliana Dimitrova
Photo - Valery Zarkov
Valery Zarkov
Photo - Katrin Lalova
Katrin Lalova