That’s Not Theater

A spectacle of... mistake. This is not a spectacle! We invite you to the theater... mistake. This is not theater! This is something more. This is a prism through which you will have the opportunity to peek.

This is a reflection of reality, which will be shown through the actors of our troupe. This is a performance for yourselves... and for us...

Small StageComing Soon 60 min

The performance has entirely originated from the actors of Shumen Theater…

Artistic director: Iliya Videlinov, Vasil Mihailov Jr.
Photo - Radina Aleksieva
Radina Aleksieva
Photo - Veselin Hristov Ivanov
Veselin Hristov Ivanov
Photo - Dimitriya Milusheva
Dimitriya Milusheva
Photo - Christina Konstantinova
Christina Konstantinova
Photo - Plamen Ivanov
Plamen Ivanov
Photo - Viliana Dimitrova
Viliana Dimitrova
Photo - Rosen Karadjov
Rosen Karadjov
Photo - Valentin Chenkov
Valentin Chenkov
Photo - Nikoleta Velcheva
Nikoleta Velcheva
Photo - Jean Jacob
Jean Jacob