Poster - Mihal Mishkoed

Mihal Mishkoed

On August 15, 1856, the first theatrical performance in Bulgaria took place in a café in Shumen. The interest was great as the farce plot of "outsmarting the fool by the cunning one" was simply, clearly, and comprehensibly narrated. Today, 165 years later, we will bring this text to life on our stage. With sweet naivety, we will show you how uncontrolled thirst for youth turns a person into a fool in the eyes of others. We will introduce you to characters whose small happiness is determined by the innocence and life enthusiasm of their victims. And all their actions pass like a parade before the eyes and ears of two gossiping women, representing public opinion.

Main StageComing Soon 120 min

Author: Sybi Sybev, based on Sheba Dobroplodni
Director: Sybi Sybev
Scenographer: Dimitar Dimitrov