Veselin Hristov Ivanov

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Veselin Hristov Ivanov (Barborkov) was born on June 28, 1995, in Pavlikeni.

He completed his secondary education at the Language Gymnasium in Lovech, specializing in German language in 2014.

In the same year, he was accepted into Paisii Hilendarski University in Plovdiv, studying "Acting for Drama Theater" under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Veselin Rankov and Asst. Ivanа Papazova. During his education, he performed texts by authors such as Dostoevsky, Salinger, Shakespeare, and Chekhov on the stage of the university theater.

He graduated with performances in "Darjavnite Lipi" by St. L. Kostov and "The Charms of Infidelity" by Valentin Krasnogorov.

He completed his studies in May 2018, and in September of the same year, he became part of the troupe of Drama Puppet Theater "Vasil Drumev". He made his debut on the Shumen stage with the performance "Pippi Longstocking" and later participated in various productions for children.

His debut on the big stage came a year later in the performance "Aleko. Smyah nad Mrachni Stranitsi" directed by Maxima Boeva and Lyubomir Kolaksazov.

In March 2020, he stood in front of the camera for the first time in Episode 32 of Season 9 of the series "Stolen Life", and in April 2022, he made his debut in cinema in the film "Alo" directed by Stefan Komandarev.

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