Poster - Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Once upon a time, many centuries ago, most of the English people were not free. They could not choose where to live or for whom to work. Then, in the darkness of the Middle Ages, society was strictly divided into lords and serfs. The lords received the land at the will of the king together with the peasants as part of the inventory. The peasants were forced to work from dawn to dusk, so that there would be food for them as well, but above all for the lords. Those who did dare to rebel or escape were apprehended as brigands, sent back and branded with a red-hot iron like cattle, or thrown to rot in a dungeon.

At that time King Richard the Lionheart set out on a crusade to free Jerusalem from the Saracens, but news of troubles and disturbances called him back, but on the way he was captured and thrown into a dungeon - no one knew exactly where - and few in England believed that he would return someday. His brother John used this and usurped the throne. John was cruel and ruthless, and most of his cronies were no better than him. They needed money, and the easiest way to get it was to accuse some rich man of treason or crime, outlaw him, and appropriate his castle and all his property, along with the peasants…

For this work Prince John appointed sheriffs to administer his justice in the cities and counties. Robin Hood or Sir Robert Loxley, who was the son of a rich landowner or nobleman of old Saxon stock, also came within the purview of the Sheriff of Nottingham. He was said to be a deranged fool who helped all scum and even criminals, he personally killed deer in the royal forest, often emptied the purses of merchants on the road and distributed the money to the poor peasants...Some called him a robber, others - protector. But one thing was considered indisputable - there was no other such skilled archer. Maybe he would have just remained a robber if he hadn't met Mariam, the Queen of his heart...

Main StageComing Soon 90 min

Author: Alexandre Dumas & Roger Green
Director: Boyko Iliev
Scenographer: Janeta Ivanova
Composer /music/: Evgeny Gospodinov
Dramatization: Boyko Iliev