Rosen Karadjov

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Rosen Karadzhov is a Bulgarian actor, born on May 14, 1999, in Dimitrovgrad.

He was accepted to NATFA "Krastyo Sarafov" in 2018 in the class of Prof. Rumen Rachev with a specialization in acting for puppet theater.

At NATFA, he participated in the plays "The Snow Queen" by Evgeny Schwartz, directed by Prof. Rumen Rachev and Assoc. Prof. Boryana Georgieva, "PUK" by Valeri Perov, directed by Valentin Vladimirov, and "Astoria" by Jura Soyfer, directed by Valeriya Mineva-Lira.

He graduated in 2022 and immediately began his creative journey at Drama and Puppet Theater "Vasil Drumev" in Shumen.

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