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Borislav Valov - Ei Bo, is from the town of Montana. He graduated with a master's degree in Acting from the New Bulgarian University in 2023, under the guidance of Professor Vazkresiya Vihrova. Prior to that, he studied Journalism at Sofia University, earning a bachelor's degree.

In 2016, he joined the Youth Theater Formation "Studiata." His theatrical journey began at the theatrical studio "Autograph" at the Community Center "We, the Sparrows" in Montana.

Over the years, he has participated in nearly 30 theatrical projects - dramatic, puppet, dance, and musical.


• "Problem" based on stories by Chudomir, directed by Stefan Milkov

• "Dead Souls," directed by Gergana Dimitrova

• "Uncle Vanya in Krivina" - role: Telegin (Waffle), directed by Bagryana Popova

• "The Cherry Orchard" - role: Yasha, directed by Alexander Berovski

• "Hashtag Follow Me" - directed by Diana Doseva, Elitsa Yovcheva

• "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - directed by Alexander Berovski

• "I Love You Even if I Don't..." - directed by Diana Doseva

• "Misunderstood Civilization" - role: Teacher, directed by Alexander Berovski

• "Birds in the Shadow of Fire" - role: Frank, directed by Klara Armandova

• "Lost Greetings" - roles: Slo, Zia - directed by Katerina Ilkova

• "Shakespeare's Love on Polyethylene Bases" - directed by Katerina Ilkova

• "The Dinner of Fools" - role: Lucien Cheval, directed by Veneta Atanasova

• "Marriage" - role: Anuchkin, directed by Veneta Atanasova

• "QuinceAndGreenBeansPie"

• "Song for You" - role: Al, directed by Iren Krivosheeva

• "Princess Mirabela" - directed by Alexander Berovski

• "Er Golyam ili Uh Nakratko"

• "The Three Brothers and the Golden Quince" - role: youngest brother, directed by Anastasia Yancheva

• "Little Frog Stories," directed by Anastasia Yancheva

• Film-musical "Peter Pan" on BNT, directed by Biserka Kolevska

He has played numerous leading, supporting, cameo, and special roles in Bulgarian and foreign films, TV series, web series, commercials, and music videos.

He publishes content on social media:

He is the author of "PodKAKst with Ei Bo," the radio show "Bobini Devetini," and hosts the Bulgarian-Hungarian podcast "Cultural Capsule."

In 2023, his first song "Like a Tsunami" was released.

His debut novel will soon be published.

He is part of the "Mailbox for Tales."

His debut at the Vasil Drumev Theater - Shumen will be in "Dubious of the Sun" by Teddy Moskov.

Ei Bo calls his followers "(H)Ei, Peppers with BOb (beans in Bulgarian)."

He has a cat named Puri, and two dogs - Frani and Bronzi.

He cannot imagine winter without lemons and hot peppers, and summer without watermelon and melon.

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