Poster - Condemned Souls

Condemned Souls

In a letter to her son in Spain, the writer's mother exclaims:

'Spain – that was your dream, my dear, beloved child! And now you are there! With its centuries-old culture, its historical landmarks, Spain will envelop you entirely, intoxicate you, inspire you, and transform you.'

Love transforms, as if irrevocably, a wealthy, egocentric, pampered Englishwoman – Fanny Horn, and she discovers another person within herself – selfless, self-sacrificing, loving, without expecting reward or reciprocity...

Love also transforms the Frenchman Jacques Murier, who had studied medicine in Paris. He follows Fanny 'in the gambling casinos and dance halls' just to be close to her, to feel her presence, and...

Because of her, he goes to the hospital camp in Peña Ronda and becomes a true doctor.

A doctor who dedicates himself to the sick and the dying, who spares no effort, seeing his work as a mission... and he departs from this world, gazing lovingly at the one he wanted to have for a lifetime, but had so little time with...

Love also transforms a fanatically devoted Jesuit of the Catholic Empire – Ricardo Eredia.

The Spaniard cannot renounce his faith to look love in the eyes, but this love is stronger than all ideas and beliefs.

And his confession of love for Fanny merges with a plea for forgiveness from God.

The shot ends this agonizing transformation...

A Spain where 'as if the world convenes to resolve its problems.'

Dimitar Dimov likely yearned for some New World, another world – perhaps a more harmonious one...

And we...


Main StageComing Soon 120 min

Author: Dimitar Martinov, Dimitar Dimov
Director: Boiko Iliev
Scenographer: Galina Abadjimarinova