Poster - The Elevator

The Elevator

"The Elevator" is a play about the purity of human relationships and our tragic inability to preserve them. Two souls, at a turning point in their lives, find themselves trapped in the same place, detached from the outside world and unsure of when they will exit. This compels them to turn to each other and truly see one another. The connection that forms between them is pure and strong. But at one moment, the door opens... and now what?

The elevator is a trap beyond time and space, where we all find ourselves at some point in our lives. It is always connected to another person, their truth, and our connection to them. The powerful bond between people is one of our most fundamental aspirations. Sooner or later, it happens, but it turns out to be quite different from what was expected. How does this connection react to the outside world, and is it capable of surviving in the face of it? Is a person ready to let go of everything until now and live solely for this?

It's an exploration of the human soul and its inability to fully understand the other, despite the incredible desire to do so. A spectacle about the moments when fate gives us exactly what we want, but exactly when we have given up on it.

Main StageComing Soon 75 min

The play is an exploration of the journey of relationships of different couples who go through a similar path and end in a similar way.

Author: Gerogy Markov
Director: Nikolay Kenarov
Scenographer: Tina Todorova