Poster - Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole

"People tend to believe that sorrow and pain diminish over time. However, we are the ones who grow.

The story introduces a family 8 months after a profound loss. They bake sweets, celebrate birthdays, engage in conversations about the Kennedy curse, and what food the family dog should eat... But the weight of the loss is like a brick in the pocket."

"Rabbit Hole" is a humane, compassionate (and sometimes even humorous) tale about the notion that there is life "after."

Small StageComing Soon 120 min

The play "Rabbit Hole" is a masterpiece of contemporary American theater, as evidenced by the Pulitzer Prize, numerous productions worldwide, and a Hollywood adaptation.

Author: David Lindsay-Abaire
Director: Maksima Boeva
Scenographer: Kiriyana Avronieva
Composer /music/: Mikhail Shishkov Jr.